Now under new management and staffed by the finest certified health and fitness professionals, Club 1000 offers the best of the best!

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Valerie Vaclavik

Valerie has been a fitness enthusiast since she was a young girl and has always believed in the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Valerie has 30 years of fitness experience and is a certified personal trainer with the American Council on Exercise (ACE). She works with all types of clientele from the young power lifters to seniors.

She has successfully worked with clients with high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis and cancer survivors. Her training specialty is nutritional guidance, education and strategies for obesity, seniors, special populations, boot camps, group and strength training.




Tyrel is a native Texan, who has a passion for fitness and helping others achieve their own personal fitness goals. Tyrel is a personal trainer certified through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and advocates living a fun, and healthy lifestyle. Tyrel Graduated from Sam Houston State University, and has a degree in exercise science. He has been a personal trainer for 4 years and is a former competitive boxer and enjoys teaching new people about boxing and fitness. 

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Dominic Cadena

Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico Dominic attended Schreiner University where he played basketball for the college while receiving his bachelor's degree in exercise science.  After college he went into personal training and has been doing that ever since.  He has worked with people of all ages from children all the way to the geriatric population.  His specialty is in strength, conditioning and endurance.

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Nathalie Abellan

Nathalie was born in Limoges, France and has currently resided in the US for more than 23 years. She has been extensively involved in fitness, training, nutrition, wellness, and the ‘Mind-Body’ connection and has worked/coached/trained hundreds of people. She specializes in body sculpting. To accomplish this, she uses many methods and techniques to add muscle mass, as desired, and to trim body fat.

Nathalie’s Philosophy
I assist you with learning to love and be in allowance of the person you are on the inside and outside. My role as a trainer / coach is to empower you to achieve the results you desire. My focus, as a personal trainer, is on the fitness potential of each person, with an emphasis on setting appropriate targets for success. I make sure you know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. I seek to give you the knowledge and tools for a lifetime of health and fitness – no matter where life may take you.

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Mark Gentry

Mark is originally from Indianapolis, Indiana and attended Indiana University. He has lived in Houston for 13 years. In his spare time he likes to ride road and mountain bikes. He’s been a Personal Trainer for 6 years and is certified through The National Academy of Sports Medicine.


Rosalie Paiz

Rosalie Paiz is a Native Houstonian who recently discovered a passion for working out. She truly enjoys working for Club 1000 as a receptionist and assisting members and building relationships.

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